Odd power of Daenerys Targaryen

I’ve been watching Game of Thrones and I’ve ¬†spotted something a little strange about this woman. Perhaps an ability which will enable George to complete his massive sequence. We know she isn’t “normal’. At the end of series one, she – well, you know what she did. And survived.
At the end of series two, she – again, if you’ve seen you know and if you haven’t you probably don’t want to know just yet. I did wonder if she had a special power of Can’t Be Hurt In A Cliff Hanger. But there’s more. She has an ability I’ve never seen in any book or film before.

She can read the subtitles.

Yes, I know they’re not in her world. And yes, I know, if they were visible, they’d be backwards. But she can read them. When she arrives are Qarth she is told – in Dithraki – that this is Qarth (pronounced Karth) and we see the explanation translated into English. She then exclaims that she has never heard of Qarth – but she pronounces it “Kwarth” and is corrected. Why? The name she heard was “Karth”. The only reason she could have for the mispronunciation is if she saw it written down – on our subtitles.This is a rare and special power. I look forward to see how it helps her in her quest in a future episode.

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